INBT Adopt-a-Family / Adopt-a-Senior Program Sign-Up Sheet
Partners in the program include The Family Recovery Program, Franklin Center, Furman L. Templeton Elementary, Coldstream Recreation Center, Project PLASE, and Harvey Johnson Towers.
This is the third year the INBT community is participating as a team in the Adopt-a-Family and Adopt-a-Senior program sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Benefits Office. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the program is only accepting gift cards. You can purchase a gift card for a senior citizen, family member, or both! You will be taken through a series of pages to elect your choices. Please pay particular attention to the gift card delivery options.

Be sure to record your choices. There is no final summary page to review.

Page 1: Personal information
Page 2: Adopt-a-Senior and Adopt-a-Family election
Page 3: Gift card delivery choices and instructions
Page 4: Contact information and follow-up instructions

More information about this program can be found on the JHU Benefits website.
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