Board Of Director Application
Paying It Forward Store is a local Non-profit that has been helping in the local community since November 2015. We all have different reasons why we have stepped up to the plate to help. We all have the one thing in common. We believe that those in the community around us should be helped with dignity without any judgments. We are currently looking for energetic community members who want to do something different to help those around them. We all have a great time when we are together. We work very hard at what we do to make sure those who are less fortunate than us can get a little help without feeling they don't matter.

We are looking for the following positions to be filled.

1) Assistant Volunteer Driver Coordinator: Help recruit volunteer drivers
2) Assistant Volunteer Coordinator: Help recruity volunteers
3) Assistant Outreach Coordinator: Help reach out to the community to see what needs that we may help with
4) Assistant Fundraiser Coordinator: Help raise funds for the Non-profit
5) Assistant Grant Writer Coordinator: Help find grants to apply for and apply for grants

Positions 3,4,5 must have atleast 1 year experience.
All applicants will need to meet with current board members to see if we are a great fit and to go over qualifications and to answer any questions that you may have. These are volunteer positions.

We are looking to grow with the right people from our community.
We are a non-judgment organization. This means any status is welcome.

I understand that I will receive a response to set up a phone interview via email from jim@payingitforwardstore. After the phone interview I understand I will need to meet with the current board members as a final interview process.

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