Roguelike Celebration Call For Presenters
Give a talk at the Roguelike Celebration on October 6-7 2018! Event info:

All proposals must be submitted by July 7th.

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We'll include this on the website and on our conference schedule. A photo of your face is ideal, but an avatar is totally fine if you're not comfortable with that.
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What would you like to present on? *
Tell us your idea! Totally fine if it's a rough draft of an idea - we can email you back and work with you on it. What's the topic? What will people learn? What makes you excited about it? Is this a short talk (2-10 minutes), a longer talk (about 20-30 minutes), or something else? This is just for us — this isn't something we'll put on the conference schedule.
Have you done any related creative work?
We're curious to learn about any previous writing/talks/etc. you've done on roguelikes or related topics (even vaguely related). This isn't required, it's just nice if you have something available, since it'll help us get a better understanding of your style (and we like reading things).
Could you be in San Francisco October 6-7? *
It's OK if you're not sure or if you can't travel. We plan to include remote talks via live video (and possibly pre-recorded talks), since we know it's not easy for everyone to get to San Francisco. Just let us know your thoughts to help us plan.
Do you work for an organization that might be able to sponsor us?
Roguelike Celebration is run as a non-profit conference, and our budget is super small. We're looking for folks to help chip in and make this the best Roguelike Celebration ever! If you know someone who might be able to help us out, let us know and we'll reach out. (Don't worry, your answer to this will absolutely not affect presentation selection.)
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