Market Research - Greeners
Greeners are a set of gadgets that use IoT to communicate with each other with the objective of saving energy, which include:

Smart Sprinklers - Check the best time to turn on by using humidity sensors and the weather forecast
(avoiding turning on if it's going to rain in the next few hours);
Smart Light Bulbs - Adjust the brightness according to the surrounding luminosity;
Smart Air Conditioners System - Maximize air conditioner efficiency by using temperature and humidity sensors;
Personalised Modular System - a set of additional modules will be available such as:
• Cameras;
• Sensors for temperature, brightness, humidity and movement;
• Smoke detectors.

The gadgets will be connected by a Central system that uses artificial intelligence and the information provided by several sensors to optimize the gadgets’ efficiency and learn the user’s habits to automate the devices' functioning.
A mobile application will be created for the users to control each component and have a personalised experience.
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