Title I Survey 2019
May 2020
Dear Parent or Guardian:
We would like to know what you think about the Title I program services offered to your child. We would also like information about the parent involvement part of the program. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. The responses will be used to improve the Title I program.
Does your school encourage you to be involved in your child's education?
Do you feel welcome in your child's school?
Did you participate in and/or attend any of the following school activities this year?
Do you know about volunteer work you can do at school?
Do you know how additional help with reading and/or mathematics is given to student in the Title I program?
Do you know what your child should know and be able to do in reading and/or mathematics for the grade he/she is in? (Academic Content Standards)
Do you understand your child's report cards and test scores?
Does the Title I school-parent compact help to remind you about things you can do to help your child do better in school? (The compact is part of the building parent involvement policy, listing what parents can do to help their students.)
What is the best way for the school to share information about your child and school activities? Check the best way:
Do you feel that teachers in the school are interested and cooperative when you discuss your child's academic progress and/or other concerns?
Check any of the following items that would help you attend Title I activities:
Does your school encourage you to work with your child at home?
Would you like other ideas to help your child at home?
Do you know about the school's extra services (for example, counseling, speech therapy)?
Do you have any comments or concerns about the Title I program in your school?
Your answer
What grade is your child(ren) in?
Please describe your race/ethnicity.
Your answer
Is your child eligible for free or reduced lunch?
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