Dwell Tester's Application
Thank you for your interest in testing Dwell! By filling out this form, you'll be placed on a list. We accept testers on a first come, first serve basis. Please DO NOT sign up if you expect to play the game immediately, or expect a fully polished, finished game. The servers are unstable and are constantly down for development and maintenance. We are also in early, closed alpha, so bugs are expected.

For testers, the game will cost $15 USD (foreign currencies accepted), OR the equivalent in Bitcoin. You can ONLY download and test the game via Steam.

TEST BUILDS WILL ONLY RUN ON WINDOWS (although we plan to port to Mac and Linux after launch).

Testers MUST:
-Have Steam installed (we will give you a Steam key to unlock and download the game)
-Be able to communicate via Discord text chat (there is an online client, no download needed)
-Be able to pay via Paypal or Bitcoin
-Have patience! The servers aren't 24/7 or stable!
-Be understanding of our development timelines and design choices (although suggestions and concerns are always welcome)
-Give us feedback, bug reports, and suggestions! :)

We do not know when our next group of testers will be let in, so please have patience with us!
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Brady at:

Thank you!

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