InCharacter Community Finder Beta
Hey, thanks for supporting InCharacter! The new "InCharacter Communities" feature is almost ready to go, but we'd like to test it out a bit first before phasing in allowing public additions. If you'd like to be an EARLY LISTER and have your Discord RP community listed during testing, please submit this form.

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• BETA TESTING. "Ranking" is based on a score, and community scoring is not yet implemented. During testing, your rank displayed will be based on your position in the list on a first-come basis. A limited amount of Discord servers will reviewed and added manually per this application process. There are no requirements to maintain your listing during BETA TESTING.

• RELEASE MODE. After testing is completed, the "score" function will calculate a weekly score based on how many server members are InCharacter authors, how many subscribe to InCharacter, and so on. Servers already listed will remain, but unlisted servers will only be able to be added when InCharacter support meets certain conditions (15 Nitro Boosts on the support server, or 5 InCharacter subscribers globally) which will be viewable using the "c/status" command. Additionally, the server owner must maintain unlimited Premium (Patreon, PayPal, or Nitro Boost) and keep InCharacter in their server to have their entry remain on the list.
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What is the you want on your listing? This will also be used by us to check your server before adding it.
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Provide in 2000 characters or less a description of your community to be displayed in the listing, including any spacing, markdown like [links](url), **bold**, *italics*, etc.
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By ticking the box, you certify you are the server owner or are authorized on behalf of the server owner to submit this server to the InCharacter Community Finder Beta application and agree to adhere to the InCharacter terms found here: You understand the InCharacter developer will review your community before determining if it's appropriate to be listed on the directory, and understand that the directory will be publicly accessible using the bot, and that any violation of the Discord terms can lead to your listing's removal without notice. You further understand to be removed from the directory during Beta testing, you will need to contact the developer on the InCharacter support server:
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