Jewish Students Against "Silencing Students Act" (S.852)
We are Jewish students that come from campuses across the country; from different Jewish denominations, and with different perspectives on the role of Israel in Jewish life. We speak now as one to urge you to reject the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act of 2019, and to protect free speech on campuses across America.

Under the Trump administration, there is a violent rise of real antisemitism from white supremacist movements in this country. But this bill does little to protect us, as Jewish students, from these dangers. Rather, it serves to limit our freedom of expression around the vital issues of our time.

Regardless of our personal political views, we recognize that criticism of Israel and support for Palestinian rights, including support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, is not inherently antisemitic.

This is the third time this act has been brought forth in Congress, and yet it still conflates legitimate criticism of the policies of the Israeli government with antisemitism, using a problematic definition of antisemitism never intended for use on college campuses.

At a time when freedom of expression is under threat across the country, we need to be protecting and expanding speech, not restricting it. We urge you to reject this act, and instead to take meaningful action to combat anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, anti-immigrant sentiment, and other forms of bigotry on the rise across the country.

Signed (letter is updated manually, please be patient):
Name Year School
Marla Solow 2019 Barnard College
Mica Hastings 2021 Bard College
Sophie Adelman 2019 Barnard
Sarah Seidman 2021 Barnard College
Sophie Edelhart 2019 Barnard College
Nina Havivi 2020 Barnard College
Claire Adler 2021 Barnard College
Halle Young 2020 Barnard College
Clara Epstein 2022 Barnard College
Noga Shlapobersky 2022 Barnard College
Dan Reiser 2021 Barnard College of Columbia University
Eliza Jouin 2021 Barnard College, Columbia University
Emily Young 2020 Barnard College, Columbia University
Lucy Danger 2031 Barnard College/Columbia University
Ari Albertson 2022 Brandeis University
Kellen Gold 2021 Brooklyn College
Daphna Thier 2021 Brooklyn College
Sara Weintrob 2020 Brooklyn College
Sam Frolichstein-Appel 2019 Brown University
Noah Byck Mlyn 2020 Brown University
Nina Wolff Landau 2020 Brown University
Hal Triedman 2020 Brown University
Natalia Ginsburg 2018 Brown University
Emma Schneider 2022 Brown University
Sarah Lettes 2019 Brown University
Emma Ecker 2021 Bryn Mawr College
Amanda Wessel 2020 Bryn Mawr College
Liana Thomason 2019 Bryn Mawr College
Ella Sheppard-Saidel 2020 Bryn Mawr College
Libby Otto 2020 Bryn Mawr College
Emma Glazer 2021 Bryn Mawr College
Sam Ehrenstein 2021 Case Western Reserve University
Aurora Berger 2019 Claremont Graduate University
Naomi Rose Weintraub 2019 clark university, worcester ma
Ryan Spada Freshman Columbia University
Sula Malina 2021 Columbia University School of Social Work
Michaela Caplan 2019 Dartmouth College
Madelyne Mayer 2020 Dartmouth College
Eric Gokee 2019 Dartmouth College
Harlan Joel Gradin 1978 Duke University
Jacob Zionts 2019 George Washington University
Leora Matison 2019 Green Mountain College
Rachel Sandalow-Ash 2020 Harvard Law School
Anna Nathanson 2020 Harvard Law School
Jake Meiseles 2019 Harvard Law School
Ian Eppler 2019 Harvard Law School
Rafael Grossman-Naples 2023 Haverford College
Brett Pogostin 2018 Haverford College
Maya Edery 2018 Hunter
Benjamin Lowenstein 2021 Hunter College
Pooja Chopra 2019 Hunter College
Jeremy Levenson 2021 Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai/ UCLA
Nathan Geesing 2021 Kenyon College
Adam Bulmash 2014 Kenyon College
Eli Baumann 2019 Kenyon College
Shoshana Rybeck 2020 Lewis & Clark College
Naomi Goldman-Nagel 2019 Lewis and Clark College
Alexis Harris 2021 Loyola Marymount University
Alexis Harris 2021 Loyola Marymount University
Katie massell 2021 Macalester
Lily Alexandroff 2021 Macalester
Sophie Freedman 2021 Macalester College
Ariana Jahiel 2019 Macalester College
Ophir Gilad 2019 Macalester College
Mia Smith 2019 Macalester College
Will Hamlin 2021 Macalester College
Sophia Alhadeff 2020 Macalester College
Emma Ziegler 2022 Macalester College
Saskia Sackner-Bernstein 2021 Macalester College
Adelaide Gaughran-Bedell 2021 Macalester College
Jack Libresco 2019 Macalester College
Helen Meigs 2021 Macalester College
Natasha Holtman 2019 Macalester College
Sabri Fair 2021 Macalester College
Fatiya Kedir 2021 Macalester College
Sophia Schlesinger 2020 Macalester College
Maggie Jaenicke 2021 Macalester College
Mina Kianovsky 2021 Macalester College
Marlee Yost-Wolff 2019 Macalester College
Hannah Murray 2021 Macalester College
Aubrey Arnt 2021 Macalester College
Emma Greenberg-Bell 2019 Macalester College
Lucy Beers Shenk 2019 Macalester College
Nilufar Mashian 2022 Macalester College
Mia Smith 2019 Macalester College
Lily Denehy 2022 Macalester College
Keara Berlin 2021 Macalester College
Oliver Kamholtz-Roberts 2021 Macalester College
Ariel Hasak-Lowy 2021 Macalester College
Hannah Chonkan-Urow 2021 Macalester College
Talia Berkman 2022 Macalester College
Abigail Drach Sophomore McGill University
Hani Abramson 2020 McGill University
Maria Zaslavsky 2018 McGill University
Abigail Drach 2021 McGill University
Gabriel Atkin 2022 McGill University
Celia Alter 2019 Middlebury College
Michael Bearman 2020 New York University
Sarah Patt 2021 New York University
William Dorsey 2021 New York University
Jennifer Neuman 2020 New York University
Sophia Gallagher 2021 New York University
Stirling duBell 2021 New York University
Nicole Cohen 2020 Northeastern University
Sasha Gavronsky 2022 Northeastern University
Sam Bernitz 2020 Northwestern University
Eliana Meyerowitz 2018 Oberlin College
Natalie El-Hai 2020 Occidental College
Gillian Share-Raab 2021 Occidental College
Zachary Schuman 2021 Occidental College
Sarah Lasoff 2020 Occidental College
Hannah Zeltzer 2021 Occidental College
Grace Haggerty 2020 Occidental College
Raiah Rofsky 2020 Occidental College
Ella Morner-Ritt 2020 Occidental College
Kevin Fistanic 2019 Occidental College
Julian Strauss Biro 2021 Occidental College
Maya Angulo 2021 Occidental College
Julian Halpern 2020 Occidental College
Caroline Parker 2021 Occidental College
Sofia Buchler 2021 Occidental College
Marissa Glick Conlon 2021 Occidental College
Sydney Korman 2020 Pace University
August Kahn 2020 Pitzer College
Alon Lapid 2020 Pomona College
Elana Goldman 2019 Portland State University
David N. Goodman 2021 Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
Rebecca Mellinkoff 2019 Rutgers
Brianna Newman 2022 Rutgers University
Liza Rosen 2021 Sarah Lawrence College
Sara Diamond 2020 Sarah Lawrence College
Annemarie Manley 2021 Sarah Lawrence College
Sam Taub 2020 Sarah Lawrence College
Jess Prussack 2020 Sarah Lawrence College
Katy Thomason 2022 Scripps College
Roxanne Rozo-Marsh 2019 Scripps College
Sara Migler 2019 Smith
Emma Rybeck 2020 Smith College
Maya Lamson 2020 Smith College
Abigail Weaver 2019 Smith College
Abby Kuhns 2019 Smith college
Sky Karp 2021 Smith College
Miriam Schweiger 2022 Smith College
Grace Rountree 2020 Smith College
Elise Ghitman Sophomore Smith College
Irene Ryan 2020 Smith college
Olive Forgash 2022 Smith College
Zoe Birnhak 2021 Smith College
Bill Dole 2010 Sonoma State University, CA
Kieran Huang 2021 Swarthmore
Carolyn 2022 Swarthmore
Abby Saul 2019 Swarthmore College
Morgin Goldberg 2019 Swarthmore College
Kenny Mai 2021 Swarthmore College
Gidon Kaminer 2022 Swarthmore College
Olivia Robbins 2021 Swarthmore College
Louisa Carman 2021 Swarthmore College
Nathan Pitock 2021 Swarthmore College
Gabrielle Rubinstein 2020 Swarthmore College
Jack Rubien Swarthmore College
Cecelia Halle 2020 The George Washington University
Ariela Rosenzweig 2023 tufts
Molly Tunis 2020 Tufts University
Eliza Smith 2022 Tufts University
Micah Kraus 2022 Tufts University
Claire Trilling 2019 Tufts University
Jolie Davidson 2022 Tufts University
Julia Kupferman 2022 Tufts University
Maya Shashoua 2019 Tufts University
Rosy Fitzgerald 2019 Tufts University
Sam Drezner 2022 Tufts University
Ilana Goldberg 2020 Tufts University
Ava Dimond 2022 Tufts University
Lex Morris-Wright 2022 Tufts University
Anna Tse 2021 UC Berkeley
Camron King 2021 UC Berkeley
Matthew Lewis, Immediate Past Vice Chair of the University of California Student Association 2019 UC Berkeley
Ella Parker 2021 UC Berkeley
Iris Morrell 2020 UC Berkeley
Molly Fisher 2021 UC Berkeley
Andrew Kuznetsov 2019 UC Berkeley
nada dibas 2020 UC Berkeley
Ronnie Hecht 2019 UC Berkeley
Eliza Hollingsworth 2021 UC Berkeley
Carly Feldman 2021 UC Berkeley
Cassidy Marsters 2021 UC Berkeley
Vika Boiarsky 2019 UC Davis
Yahli Livni 2019 UC San Diego
Daniel Lazar 2021 UC Santa Barbara
Madi Norman 2020 UChicago
Jamie Gravell 2020 - PhD UCLA
Maya Sol Levy 2019 UCLA
Rebecca Temkin Graduate Student UCLA
Rachel Smith 2022 UCLA
Hannah Kagan-Moore 2020 UCSB
Barucha Peller 2020 UCSC alumn, Umass Amherst
Anna Ben-Hur 2020 UMass Amherst
Benjamin Kersten 2019 University at Buffalo (SUNY)
Brittany Power 2019 University of Arizona
Ariel léger 1st year masters University of Arizona
Allison Stuewe 2022 University of Arizona
Neal Feldman 2019 University of Arizona
Ariel Tinney 2019 University of Arizona
Brittany Elizabeth Power 2019 University of Arizona
Sofie Fier 2019 University of California- Berkeley
Maxwell Greenberg, Cphil 2021 University of California, Los Angeles
Zak Witus 2020 (MA student) University of Chicago
David Regenold 2021 University of Maryland
Anna Ben-Hur 2020 University of Massachusetts Amherst
Rebecca Lubow 2020 University of Michigan
Miriam Saperstein 2021 University of Michigan
Ariel Friedlander 2020 University of Michigan
Erica Meyers 2020 University of Michigan
Daniel Kaplan 2019 University of Michigan
Zu Weinger 2021 University of Michigan
Lauren Fine 2020 University of Michigan
Talia Yaari 2022 University of Michigan
Shawn Danino 2018 MSI, MPP University of Michigan
Josie Slovut 2021 University of Minnesota
Sasha El-Hai Freshman University of Minnesota
Shahar Tsameret 2022 University of Minnesota
Josh Spitzer-Resnick 2021 University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Wendy Johnson 2015 University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Eli Sills 2021 University of Pennsylvania
Tori Ziona 2020 University of Rochester
Hannah Wolstein 2022 University of Southern California
Marisa turesky 2022 University of Southern California
Liana Petruzzi 2022 University of Texas at Austin
Elijah Kushen 2020 University of Vermont
Alec Collins 2020 University of Vermont
Zoe Albion 2020 University of Vermont
Alison Forman-Katz 2020 University of Vermont
max berman 2021 University of Vermont
Zmira Stouber 2020 University of Vermont
Emma Bauer 2022 University of Vermont
Jordan Bridges 2020 University of Virginia
Gwen Dilworth 2019 University of Virginia
Rachel Branman 2019 University of Virginia
Jeremy Voss 2020 University of Washington
Sophie Hurwitz 2021 Wellesley College
Rachel Korkodilos 2020 Wellesley College
Rachel Hodes 2021 Wellesley College
Charlotte Kaufman 2019 Wellesley College
Netanya Perluss 2019 Wellesley College
Daniela Kreimerman Arroyo 2019 Wellesley College
Harry Bagenstos 2022 Wesleyan University
Rachel Williams 2019 Wesleyan University
Amy Geiger 2021 Wesleyan University
Madeleine Matz 2021 Wesleyan University
Carol Dalgarno 2021 Wesleyan University
Marshall Hanig 2019 Wesleyan University
Leah Levin Pensler 2020 Wesleyan University
Matthew Hayes 2020 Western Washington University
Kate Rayner Fried Senior Western Washington University
Eliza Klein 2019 Williams College
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