Letter of support for the Department of Philosophy in Zagreb
You can add signatures to the letter addressed to the Senate of the University of Zagreb. We are asking signatures from faculty members affiliated with higher education institutions.
To the members of the Senate of the University of Zagreb. We, the undersigned, have learned with great concern that the Senate of the University of Zagreb has decided to discontinue enrollment in the program offered by the Department of Philosophy in the Centre of Croatian Studies, which is likely to lead to the eventual closing down of the Department. The Department of Philosophy is an internationally known center of analytic philosophy, an outstanding representative of Croatian academia and culture in the region and the wider world. Closing down the Department would be a great loss both for Croatia and for the international academic community. Therefore we strongly urge you to reconsider your decision. We sincerely hope that all organizational problems with the Department of Philosophy and the Centre for Croatian Studies be solved in an impartial, reasoned and legal manner for the long term benefit of the University of Zagreb.
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