Mahila Arts Commerce College, Chandur Rly.
B. A. II (Sem. I) Subject - English Online Examination 2018-19 (Prose Section)
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1. What is the solution, according to the author, Swami Vivekananda, to modern money madness
2.What does the author, Swami Vivekananda, to think is common between all human beings & races
3.Whom does Swami Vivekananda, blame for his weakness?
4.What is the “animal” that Swami Vivekananda, is referring to?
5.Where did man Break through the fettering to?
6. Who is the author envious of?
7. How can ignorance gives us pleasure?
8. Why was Socrates fame for his wisdom?
9. Who said that rye was England’s main crop?
10. According to Robert Lynd, who cannot distinguish between the songs of cuckoos & thrushes?
11. Where was the statue of Happy Prince?
12.What are the two treasures of town?
13. Where did the swallow want to go?
14. Whom does the ruby go to?
15.What jewels are the princes’s eyes are made of?
16. Why does the student get a jewel?
17.What happens swallow in the end?
18. What are the two treasures of the town?
19. What was the demand of the boy to the seamstress?
20. The body of the Happy Prince was gilded by a. Ruby
21. Who came to answer the kings question?
22.Did the king give the reward to anyone?
23. What was hermit doing when the king went to meet him?
24. What was hermit doing when next morning when the king woke up?
25. What is the reason the king sends his messenger throughout the kingdom?
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