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About Us
Lunaria Dance Theatre is comprised of female dancers dedicated to providing cabaret entertainment featuring dance theatre and raqs sharqi (Egyptian style belly dance). We incorporate a variety of genres and styles in our dance theatre pieces including contemporary, Moulin Rouge, burlesque, and musical theatre, all with an added twist of belly dance! The company is directed by Mellilah Jamal, a professional belly dancer with an extensive background in the vocal arts, theatre and Middle Eastern dance.

It has become a tradition for Mellilah to produce a stage production that features Lunaria Dance Theatre. In 2017, the group was featured in “Moon Over Manhattan: A Cabaret” which sold out to 260+ people; and in 2018 in “Oh, My GOLDness: A Cabaret” which sold out with 270+ people. Besides solo and group pieces, there are plenty of opportunities for company members to participate in the creative process of the show via committees and/or assigned roles designed to share the workload of production tasks and to facilitate the sharing of creative ideas.

Our regular practice season is between September and April with intermittent practices / performances throughout the year as needed. Introductory practices for new members begin mid-August. Company members are expected to give a minimum of a 1 year commitment beginning in September.

The Lunaria Vision:
• Create a loving sisterhood of Lunaria company dancers
• Facilitate the personal growth of its members as performers and dancers
• Inspire each other to be nonjudgmental, positive and supportive
• Be featured in a yearly stage production
• Give opportunities for each member to bring our craft (her craft) to the stage
• Provide opportunities for members to participate & contribute via committees or assigned roles designed to share the workload of production tasks and to facilitate the sharing of creative ideas

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Instagram: @lunariadancetheatre
The Auditions
WHO: We encourage dancers from all backgrounds to audition! You do not have to be a classically trained dancer to learn the dance theatre routines but you do need to have a strong stage presence and be able to learn the basic belly dance movement that is incorporated into most of the dance theatre pieces. We are looking for dancers to perform just dance theatre as well as professional belly dancers who can perform both dance theatre and belly dance. Must be 21+ to join the group.

WHEN: Sunday, July 29th, 2 - 4pm! We will be starting promptly at 2pm, so feel free to show up a little early, grab a nametag, visit the smoothie bar, and get ready!

WHERE: Alive Juice in Mountlake Terrace located on 20120 Ballinger Way NE, Shoreline, WA 98155

WHAT: Please prepare the following before the audition.

• Complete the questionnaire below. This helps us learn a little bit more about you, including dance history, skill sets and goals.

• Learn about the expectations & requirements of being a company dancer of Lunaria Dance Theatre. Please note that there are monthly membership dues.

• Learn a small section of choreography provided by video in advance of the audition and be ready to perform it in a small group for the audition. *The choreo will be available and sent to auditioners no earlier than July 1st.

• Provide a video link of at least 1 minute that showcases you performing in a cabaret style dance piece: Musical theatre, burlesque, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, vintage styles, fusion styles, or belly dance. Theatrical performances preferred. If you do not have access to this, Mellilah can provide music and ideas for you to create a small chunk of choreography that showcases your talent. Please write to Mellilah for more information about alternative video submissions. Group or solo performance is fine as long as you can be identified easily. *Video submissions are due no later than July 15th.

• The Audition Day: Come ready to perform the prepared choreography, ready to learn a new 30-45 second section, ready to meet the Lunaria company dancers and director, Mellilah, and ready to have fun! Please wear dancewear to the audition: Dance heels; dance tights, shorts or short skirt, and fitted dance top to the audition.

Questions? Send them to Mellilah at
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How do you feel about performing dance theatre and burlesque inspired dances that are more on the sexy / edgy side? (There is no nudity in our shows.) *
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What are your strengths and weaknesses in terms of learning choreography? *
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Tell us about your dance, theatre and other performing arts training. (Training history, prop specialties, theatrical groups, dance companies you've been in and how many years in each, etc...) *
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Are you able to make time for rehearsals, independent practice and shows? (We rehearse 2.5 - 3 hours per week for 7-8 months of the year with some extra rehearsals as needed before shows. Our practice season is typically Sept - April with possible intermittent performances throughout the year.) *
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Are you able to give a full year commitment to the group beginning in mid-August? *
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Please share website URL, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and/or other social media channels that showcase your work and/or persona as an artist:
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Provide a video link of at least 1 minute that showcases you performing in a cabaret style dance piece: Musical theatre, burlesque, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, or belly dance. Theatrical performances preferred. You may include here or send directly to Mellilah ( no later than July 15th. (Having trouble finding video footage? See above for alternative video submissions.)
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Thank you!
We appreciate your interest and look forward to meeting you at the auditions! You will receive a confirmation from Mellilah shortly, which will include more details about the dance company.
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