This is the first step to shifting your current mindset and leveling you and your life up!

- Once completed, Tim will reveiw and email some tips and tools to help you start your new journey.
- Any questions, please email enquiries@timhallbranding.com
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1) What tasks / practices do you do to develop you and your mindset?
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1A) What best describes you in terms of doing daily tasks to help develop your mindset? *
2) Do you wake up with negative thoughts about yourself or your day?  *
2A) What thoughts or emotions do you experience? *
3) Do you have a clear plan on how you will achieve your goals and desires?  *
3A) We all have resistance in acheiving goals & desires, what is yours? *
4) Do you hold on to emotions from the past or when a challenging situations happens?  *
4A) Can you think of a moment in your life or recent times where emotions have affected your daily life? *
5) Do you believe in you... to show up everyday as the person you know you can be?  *
6) Do you believe the next chapter in your growth is to level up your mindset to improve you and all areas in your life? *
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