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NBWDC is required to submit a verified donor/member report to the Federal Elections Commission each quarter.  The information below ensures we remain in compliance with the FEC, avoiding penalties and fines. Your cooperation in helping us keep the required accurate records is greatly appreciated.

If you recently made donation by credit or debit card, thank you!  Your transaction receipt was emailed to you. Or you may log into your credit card processing account to view the transaction details.
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1. Programs/Events: Meeting & Event Planning for speakers, topics, activities
2. Communications: Messaging and marketing for newsletters, emails, social media
3. Field Operations/Voter Outreach: Postcarding, Text/Phone Banks, Canvassing etc.
4. Membership: Develop recruit efforts and programs to retain members
5. Government Activism: Monitor/report on local/state/federal governments, issues/legislation
6. Fundraising: Plan fundraising events/activities and develop donor relationships
7. Endorsements & Nominations: Research candidates seeking endorsement or for NBWDC office
8. Bylaws: Maintain bylaws as required by NBWDC/DPOC/CADEM policies
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