Convicted Printing - Video Editor Position Application
First and foremost, I'm STOKED that you are interested in working with the Convicted Team! Thank you so much for expressing interest

For all details and explanation of what is to be expected for this position, please review (which is most likely where you found this application).

Please fill out the application with as much information as possible and we can discuss further to solidify the payment/barter system for services.
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Please briefly describe your band and tour experience. *
If you have any video editing work you could show, please include a link for us to review.
Dropbox and Google Drive work best. Please note, we are looking for captions, logo placement, and title creativity the most. We do not currently "need" color tone changes or transitions. This is more about practicality and ease of entry for the audiences viewing these short videos.
If you already have a payment rate or idea, please feel free to describe it here (or if you have a webpage for it, you can include the URL).
This is not required right now, but we could use your assistance in knowing how much you feel your service is worth in order to begin the discussion and work out an agreement. This could be hourly or per video.
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