Emerging Diné Writers' Institute General Registration Form
Dates: July 19-23, 2021
Location: Online via Zoom (more information soon)
Contacts: Manny Loley, Director
Navajo Technical University

About EDWI: The Emerging Diné Writers' Institute (EDWI) is a creative writing summer program for students, writers, educators, and the general public. Participants will work with acclaimed Diné writers and non-Diné visiting writers in various genres of creative writing in a supportive and close-knit community. EDWI also reaffirms and reconnects Diné writers with ancestral Diné stories.

**Important Note: While we especially focus on Diné (Navajo) writers, there is also a public portion of the agenda that everyone is invited to. So tell your friends, neighbors, classmates, acquaintances, frenemies, besties, or whoever you think would benefit from EDWI!**

Everyone is welcome to attend the public agenda!

Please visit edwi.navajotech.edu for more information or email emergingdinewriters@navajotech.edu.

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