Weekly Four!
Every time you finish a Weekly 4, fill out this form. Remember to DO YOUR BEST, think carefully, and learn lots! YOU are responsible for what you learn during this time! None of these should take less than 20 minutes!!

First-Know Where you are Going and what you need to take- http://goo.gl/Oi7e5b

1. Read to Self 15 minutes-My Reading Status Tracker- https://goo.gl/y6JkQV (Your WRR Book, Chrome Book)
2. Listen to Reading-Razz Kids (listen, read, pass a quiz)-https://goo.gl/VVlsjc (Chrome Book, head phones, RRR Book)
3. Writing Prompts (Same as Math Homework Week) - http://goo.gl/FX1rcE OR http://goo.gl/eYzJc (Reading/Writing Notebook, Pencil, Chrome Book, RRR Book)
4. WORD WORK-https://goo.gl/r5u3wF (Reading/Writing Notebook, pencil, RRR Book)

Once done with your Weekly Four, these are your choices, homework first!!!
Vocab Homework
Math Homework
Spelling City Homework

Then your choice of these:
Typing Club (at your desk)
Digital Passport
IXL Math on Lab Lessons
IXL Language Arts on Lab Lessons

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