GZMBC 2019 Ethel Brown VBS Survey
Thank you for being a part of the EB-VBS team as we helped children learn more about Jesus, as well as enhanced the knowledge of adults about Him and what He has done for us! Please take a few moments to complete the survey. Your feedback is important to us. It will help us in our attempts to serve you better next year. Thanks again and God bless you!
What was your role at Ethel Brown VBS? Check all that apply.
Please rate the following on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best:
Planning Effective
Daily Schedule
Opening Assembly
Course Theme/Decorations
Teaching Materials/Curriculum
Bible Drills
Bible Questions
Closing Activity
1. What part(s) of EB-VBS went well?
Your answer
2. What could have been better?
Your answer
3. What was your favorite part of EB-VBS? Why?
Your answer
4. What was your least favorite part of EB-VBS? Why?
Your answer
5. What snack(s) the EB-VBS students enjoyed the most?
Your answer
6. What were the least favorite snack(s ) served at EB-VBS?
Your answer
7. How can we improve our EB-VBS recreation?
Your answer
8. How can we improve our closing exercise?
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9. List suggestion(s) how we could capture more adults in attending EB-VBS.
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10. What recommendation(s) for improvements would you make for next year?
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11. Other comments:
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