The Lost Files of HMS...
This year's design team is working hard to put together an exciting yearbook, and we are looking to you for a little inspiration. If you are the kind of teacher who is afraid of what kids will think of you for acting a little silly, you may want to abstain from completing this quick form. If you are someone who gets in front of a group of children and makes their lives a little more interesting, well, we may have just the place for you.
What we "know" at the beginning of the book: Someone has attempted to wipe the 2016-17 files from existence. We want to find out who could have done it, and why...
Name as you wish it to appear in the yearbook for traditional purposes. (Mrs/Ms/Miss, Mr. etc...) *
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Team/Grade level *
Are you willing to be a part (even just a little bit) of the mystery surrounding the files? If you wish for your name to remain unconnected to the mystery, select "no," and we will honor your request. *
If you have an alter ego that would like to play a role in our story, please let us know what to call said ego.
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Do you/would you have an accomplice? If so, who? *
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What could your motive be for destroying the files? (Example: Oaks wanted to erase the memory of having pie thrown in her face, Kick may have wanted Hayes to forget about the missing trophy, planning to reclaim it at the end of the year, like it had never been lost, a certain team member wanted to wipe the files so that they could have a repeat of their fabulous discover, pretending that they never left the 7th grade...) So, What's YOUR motive?
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Are you willing to let us use your "motive" in our fun mystery yearbook? *
Would you be willing to be our "villain" should the clues lead to you? *
What are some mysterious things that you have "witnessed" other teachers or students doing? Real is best, but pretend can work too. "I witnessed that on November 12, there were 14 teachers doing bus duty at the same time... how suspicious that XXXXX wasn't there too?"
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If students approach you to do "suspicious" things, for photographs think nothing of it. Or, better yet, think of things that we haven't thought of yet! Some ideas:
What would you not be willing to do for this awesome book?
AS ALWAYS, if you come up with a great idea or something that should be documented, let us know ASAP and we'll try to get someone to photo the event. Also, thank you for your patience with our team on their "camera days" with only 3 cameras and a gigantic staff, the kids get really excited when their time finally comes.
Thank you! From your Yearbook staff!
So, what haven't we thought of yet? Let us know if you have any ideas!
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