Akai's List (Submission Form)
This is a submission form for Akai's List. This list is striving to be the primary go-to list for van/bus/vehicle dwellers part-time AND full-time for trusted, honest and affordable mechanics all over the United States (and eventually, abroad). Fill in the questions below and your submission will be added to this growing list.
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This form is designed with a series of questions with a scale for evaluation and categorization of individual mechanics as well as full service shops across the US and how they perform specifically for vehicle dwellers to access the best option near them...no matter where in the US they may be. This will be a series of questions with options that will be labeled 1-5 (5 - EXCEEDING expectations, 3 - MEETING expectations, 1 - BELOW expectations) with followup questions to each for any descriptions, stories or valid information you may want to add. This list will be filtered in such a way where submitted information will remain anonymous on the list end, and no one will know who submitted what information when reading the organized list that will be accessible to the public.

NOTE: This does not give you, the consumer, an opportunity to slander or ridicule any particular mechanic or company (regardless of amusing commentary added to the scale of the questions below). For legal reasons, extremely negative assessments will not be made visible to the public, but may help build a secondary list of places to avoid. The way this information will be shared with the public is still under consideration and may result in such a secondary in the future...but there is no guarantee of that at this time. This list will be for filtering the best places for US nomads to seek out for their mechanical needs.
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