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Thanks for the application. Please take 1 min to complete the questions below. Your answers will not depict whether you proceed to the next stage - it will help us to match you with the most suitable opportunities.

This application is for Internships, Learnerships, Apprenticeships and Junior Jobs with Mintor's partners - great companies who provide fantastic training and career opportunities!

Mintor ( is a jobs facilitator for youth.

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Please make sure you answer accurately as your qualification documents will be checked during interviews.
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List ALL qualifications, eg Gr12 + NCV4 in IT + N6 in Marketing. Specify the TYPE of qualification (eg NCV 4, N6, BCom) and the FIELD of study (eg Marketing, Administration, IT)
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Have you completed a Learnership or other SETA funded program before? *
Have you completed a DEDAT funded program before? *
Do you have a criminal record? *
School / NCV Marks *
Answer for the highest grade in School or highest NCV level that you completed and passed. Choose 'not applicable' if you did not have the subject.
0-30% (Code 1)
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40-50% (Code 3)
50-60% (Code 4)
60-70% (Code 5)
70-80% (Code 6)
80%+ (Code 7)
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Pure Maths
Maths Literacy
English 1st Language
English 2nd Language
IT / Computer Science
How comfortable are you working with a computer and MS Office? *
What salary bracket are you willing to work in? Bare in mind that gaining experience is much more important for entry level jobs, than your salary.
References (OPTIONAL) - People that supervised you at a job/volunteering/educational institution
Provide contact details of 3 REFERENCES: PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE that you worked or volunteered for in the past, even if for a very short period. Or an academic teacher/tutor. References will SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVE YOUR CHANCE to get a job.
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Reference 2: Name & Surname
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