The Spring Fling Red Scavenger Hunt
Welcome to the Spring Fling "Red" Scavenger Hunt. The Scavenger Hunt will take you all around downtown Nyack finding 12 clues and then answering riddles, which will all help you answer the final riddle at the end. The Hunt is designed for kids with adult supervision, but adults might find it challenging and fun as well.

Here's how it works. Your job as a Hunter is to
1. Follow the directions to the locations of the Red Cards (which are in Nyack business windows).
2. Read the riddle on the Red Clue.
3. Figure out the answer. If you can't figure it out, get help from one of our hints.
4. Type in the answer into this form.
5. Go to the next clue.

When you're done with all 12 clues, you'll have to answer a final question, which will be based on the 12 answers you figured out.

If you complete the Hunt, come to the Montefiore Nyack Hospitality Tent at Veterans Park at Cedar and Main in Nyack for your prize -- a set of (temporary) tattoos!

Don't worry about getting stuck. All through this online version of the Hunt, you'll have access to HINTS in case you can't answer the riddle, a MAP in case you can't find the location, and the RIDDLES themselves if you can't find a Red Clue at the location.

Our thanks to Orange Bank & Trust for sponsoring the Scavenger Hunt.
Can you give us just your first name, so we can make sure we have a prize for you when you finish? If you don't want to, just click "NEXT".
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