OKFest Library

OKFestival 2012 participants and partners are welcome to bring items (books, publications, etc) for the participants to browse during the festival at INSPIRE Foyer.

Please note:
* The library is *not* for flyers and other similar marketing material - there will be a separate place for these.
* You should not bring several copies to the library - otherwise we might run out of space.
* The plan is to mark the items with 'OKFest 2012 Library - please don't take' stickers, but otherwise we have no system to monitor the items. In case of theft, OKFestival will not be able to offer any compensation. In other words - leave items at OKFest library on your own risk!

We would like to ask you to register the items using this form and please note that this list will be made public during OKFest.

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