Become a CS Alignment Reviewer
CSforALL is working on bringing a searchable listing of CS Ed resources to our website ( along with their alignments to common framework standards to support educators in finding the content that best suit their needs.

We have begun to collect alignments from our content provider members for the K-12 CS Framework as a first step, however we need help from CS educators in verifying the quality of these alignments. Please fill out this form if you are interested in becoming a reviewer. We will compensate reviewers between $50 and $100 per review according to the amount of verification required.

You can direct any questions to
How will this work?
1. Provide your contact info below.

2. If we still have available slots, we get back to you with a form to set you up so you may receive payments from us.

3. After that you will be given access to a listing of curricula in need of review, as well as a reviewer code.

We will compensate you based on the number of components of the K-12 CS Framework that the provider has checked off for that curricula. Like so:
- 30 or Less - $50
- 31 to 45 - $75
- 45 or More - $100

This will be indicated in the spreadsheet listing the curricula

4. You will then fill in your reviewer code next to the curriculum you'd like to review. We ask that you only claim up to 2 at a time.

5. We will then provide you with materials you will need for review:
- The components of the K-12 CS Framework indicated for alignment (In spreadsheet)
- The access instructions for the content.
- The date to complete the review by

6. To conduct your review we will provide you with the checked off components from the K-12 CS Framework for that curriculum. In your review you may either accept or reject the proposed alignment. To accept it would imply that you believe to the best of your knowledge that this curriculum/program does provide content that covers the checked off components.

6a. If you find that it does not align to ALL of the checked off components then you should reject the alignment. In the case of rejecting, you should provide feedback to the provider. Please be specific about the components that are not covered in the curriculum.

7. To submit your review email with the subject line: "[AlignCS] Completed Review". Your review should be in written form with the following:
- Whether you approve or reject the alignment.
- If you reject the alignment you should provide feedback that will be sent to the content provider and may be used by future reviewers should an amended alignment be re-submitted (see requirements).
- If you approve the alignment provide a brief explanation.

8. You will receive payment at the end of the month in which you submitted the review.

You will be sent these instructions again if you are approved to be a reviewer.
Review Requirements
- Reviews should be completed within 5 business days (one week) upon gaining access to the content for review. You will receive a reminder email the one day before you have to submit the review. If you don't submit it by then, then we will liberate your claimed curricula for others to review and notify you that we have done so. You can always email us if there is a reason you need an extended time for review (e.g. you are communicating with the curriculum provider to clear something up).

- If you reject an alignment you submit feedback from notes you took during review. This feedback will be sent to the content provider and may be used by future reviewers, so please try to be precise in describing the key reasons that the alignment was rejected. For example if you believe some of the components are aligned but not all some of the, please indicate so in this feedback. Providing feedback to approved alignments is optional.

- Each alignment submitted should point to a single curriculum or program, if this is not the case please email us to let us know.
What if I want to communicate with the provider for my review?
We will provide you with the contact information for the provider of the curriculum you are reviewing.
What if there is an unplanned issue during the review?
You can email us at any time with questions or issues that came up during the review. If it is a question about the alignment of the content itself, we ask you use your best judgement to resolve it. However if there is an issue with the process itself, with gaining access to materials or feasibility in reviewing within the time frame, we are happy to address your inquiries.

Simply email
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Is there any particular grade bands you prefer to review?
If you become a CS Alignment Reviewer, you agree to not review any curricula for a provider who has previously paid you to develop content or any other services. *
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