F1/10 Autonomous Racing Tutorial [SenSys 2017]
We are really excited to announce a three-part F1/10 Autonomous Racing tutorial series during SenSys 2017.

The tutorials will cover the hardware and software necessary to BUILD, DRIVE, and RACE a 1/10th scale fully autonomous race car. If you are planning to attend SenSys or BuildSys '17, we encourage you to sign up for the tutorials.
No registration fees required !

In these tutorials you will learn about the principles of real-time perception, planning, and control for autonomous navigation.

When and Where
Each tutorial will run for 45-50 mins. (Detailed schedule TBD)

Tutorial 1 - How to Build the F1/10 autonomous car? [Car design, software stack, ROS tutorial]

Tutorial 2 - How to Drive the F1/10 autonomous car? [Sensor fusion, Scan matching, Control design]

Tutorial 3 - How to Race the F1/10 autonomous car? [SLAM, Path planning, Localization]

F1/10 Autonomous Racing Compeition
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Additional Details
You do not need to bring/install anything. On the hardware side this includes the chassis, the specific sensors we use, and the communication on-board the car as well as between the car and your laptop. On the software side, we will cover ROS, the perception, planning, and racing algorithms and the control design.

This is a very practical tutorial: all instruction is directly relevant to building and running the race car we have developed. The goal is to enable students and researchers with various backgrounds to start their own autonomous racing effort and jump-start an autonomous race competition!

Madhur Behl
University of Virginia


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