EPHS XQRI Visioning Questionnaire
At East Providence High school we provide meaningful learning experiences that prepare our Townies for post-secondary opportunities. We are a community where all individuals are empowered to be lifelong learners and responsible, productive, engaged citizens. This is our mission, but we need YOUR VOICE as to how we can achieve this mission for ALL TOWNIES. We have a new building, and now we have an amazing opportunity to redesign the high school experience for our Townies!

The XQRI grant is an opportunity for EPHS to receive support and funding for the development of a plan to redesign the high school experience for our Townies! To do this in a way that is most meaningful for our students and the surrounding community we NEED YOUR voice to be heard.

This Survey should take no more than 7-10 minutes but the information you provide will impact all of our Townies, our community, and will drive the future of education at East Providence High School. Your voice is a valued part of this process and we appreciate your time and dedication to the education of our kids.
XQRI: The Future of Our Schools: An Urgency For Change
Want to learn more about the XQ mission? Watch this short video!
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