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Common Ground is a multi-generational community and delights in members of all ages. Please help us understand both your expectations in terms of who you will live with and your phase of life. (Choose ALL that apply.): *
The land will be effectively held in common, but please tell us about your residence (please choose one statement): *
We are planning a community building with a large kitchen and dining area. How often do you think you would like to join in community meal-sharing in the common area? (This question assumes that you will also share in meal preparation & clean-up responsibilities.) Please choose one statement. *
It is important to us to honor a variety of dietary preferences and needs when we share meals. (Choose ALL that apply to you):
As an ecovillage, our farm is important to us, but we know members can contribute in many different ways. Which statement most closely represents your preference regarding the community growing its own food? (Choose one statement): *
Part of our vision as an agrarian ecovillage is to reduce fossil fuel usage as much as possible, but “as much as possible” is not entirely clear yet. Which of the following best reflects your vision regarding energy use at Common Ground Ecovillage? (Choose one statement.) *
We will welcome companion animals (pets as well as farm animals) with respect and consideration. However, as some pets can negatively impact the environment, some limits on pets will likely be necessary. We’re interested in how you feel (Choose ALL statements that reflect your attitudes): *
People often ask how much it will cost to live at Common Ground Ecovillage. We try to be as transparent as possible about our financial situation, but a final sense of anticipated costs awaits an estimate of the construction cost (per sq. ft.) of our homes. For planning purposes, it would help us to understand the financial resources of our potential members. Please choose one of the following: *
A central tenet of the community is to work “for racial equity and for social and environmental justice. We acknowledge racism in ourselves and in our society, and seek to overcome its harmful legacy in our relationships, our country, and on the land.” These values invite a commitment to learn and grow, to care for all our members deeply, and—especially for those who are white and who benefit from white privilege—to develop a basic understanding of how pervasive systemic racism is and how it impacts each of us. Please share where you are in this process.
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Since we plan to live in a compact community village, we expect a high level of comfort with group processing (including respectful communication, facilitation, mediation, conflict resolution, and sociocracy skills). How are you most comfortable acquiring those skills? *
What is your interest in Common Ground Ecovillage? (choose ALL statements that apply): *
We’d like to know more about any areas of skill and experience that you might be able to contribute to the community. (Choose any that apply):
Common Ground welcomes all new members to help in the work of creating an ecovillage! In fact, one expectation of being a member is participating in the work of the community. Observing and then participating in one of our functional circles (our committees are called Circles, which tells you something about how we think about working together!) is a great way to get to know us. For this question, please pick one or more circles which interest you. *
We know we have asked you a lot of specific questions but we also would love to know about the path that led to your interest in an ecovillage like ours. This is totally optional, but if you are willing, please share with us something about your path, and what brings you to our community at this time, or anything else about yourself that you would like others involved with Common Ground Ecovillage to know about you.
And we are almost at the end of this form! Please tell us how you heard about Common Ground Ecovillage (check all that apply) *
Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. A community member (a “buddy”) will be in touch with you very soon to greet you and answer any further questions you may have. Please list here your Email address: *
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We look forward to meeting you! In addition to someone contacting over the next week, you will be added to our member email list and will be considered a "Visiting Member", a status you can keep for one year, although you are welcome to more forward more quickly as you come to know us--
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