World Values Survey Association
The World Values Survey Association is the largest academic research program and social survey infrastructure in the world. Being conducted since 1981, the World Values Survey provides now in free access comparative cross-national data for 108 societies for 35 years. The WVSA team is working daily on improving the quality of the data, extending the scope of topics and the survey geography. Tell us what you think about the WVSA so that we could take into account your opinion while working on the next, 7th wave of survey. Thank you very much for your time!
1. Please, tell us if you agree or disagree with the following statements: *
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WVS produces high quality survey data
WVSA is a closed group of researchers, it is difficult to reach them or to communicate with them
WVSA should begin holding annual conference on values and social change
WVS provides a great geographical coverage in the survey
WVSA should charge some small fee for access to the data
WVSA should communicate more with data users and address their questions and concerns
WVSA should introduce additional data quality assurance procedures
WVSA should work more on regional and national representation opening newregional hubs
WVSA data online analysis tool is great
WVSA should introduce new topics into their questionnaire since the old ones are not relevant any more
WVSA social media allow me to stay always updated about most recents WVS-related activities and events
WVSA renewed web-site is a great source of information convenient to use
WVSA should have more activities of regional or national scope (conducted in one country or one region)
WVSA national teams should establish more WVS national and regional web-pages, profiles in social media
2. Any other comments, remarks, propositions, suggestions:
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3. You use WVS data mainly for...
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5. Where are you from? (country of origin or residence) *
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