Yonsei-Ewha-Sogang (YES) seminar Second Meeting
Hello all,

The second seminar of Yonsei-Ewha-Sogang Young Economists Seminars (YES YES!!) for Graduate Students is on Friday January 12, 12:00-13:20pm, at Yonsei (Daewoo Hall 607) University. Lunch will be provided.

See the map below.

The presenters will be:

Joonseok Kim - Sogang University (International Economics)
Hyo Young Kim - Sogang University (Experimental Economics)
Sojin Lee - Sogang University (Behavioral Economics, Game Theory)

If you would like to attend the second meeting (even just for a short time), please submit your information below.

If you travel with your friends, we will reimburse your Taxi fare to transfer between schools, so please bring your receipt, along with your bank account information.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there!

Best regards,

Vladimir Hlasny, Ewha (vhlasny@gmail.com)
Doruk Iris, Sogang (dorukiris@gmail.com)
Youjin Hahn, Yonsei (youjin.hahn@yonsei.ac.kr)

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