Plasma Donor Registration Form
Thank you for showing your interest in donating plasma. It can help us save lives.

If you have defeated Covid-19 successfully in the past 4 months, it's your chance to help others.

Who cannot donate plasma:
1. A person who has received COVID-19 vaccination will not be able to donate plasma for 28 days from the date of vaccination.
2. If you have undergone Plasma Therapy treatment..
3. Patients with HIV, kidney transplant recipients, cancer patients, TB patients, and people who underwent surgery or had a tattoo in the past six months.

Terms & Conditions:
1. We connect donors only with genuine patients verified from our end.
2. We do not disclose your Contact Details on public forums and advise patients not to share your details further.
3. If you have already publicly disclosed your Contact details on forums or other portals, we would not be held responsible for your privacy related matters.

Plasma Donation related terms:
1. You should not charge/ask for undue favors from the patient's family or anyone who is your Point of Contact for Plasma Donation.
2. You can ask the family to arrange Transportation if required.
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