Portland Cooperative Housing Survey
Maine Cooperative Development Partners is a new partnership to build affordable home ownership options in Maine, and we are asking neighbors and prospective residents to share their thoughts. The city has created a competition for proposals for the old West School site near 43 Douglass Street, and at 165 Lambert Street in North Deering. Douglass will offer housing affordable to households who make 60-120% of area median income (AMI). 60-120% AMI for 2020 is $49,000-80,000 for one person living alone, $60,000-$120,000 for a family of 4. Lambert will offer homes to households making 80-120% of area median income.

Our vision is to build a multi-generational village with shared amenities to provide access to outdoor space and to build a strong community with existing and future neighbors. The goal of the project is to build housing that increases community life on street level for both young and old, existing and new neighbors, recreating together. The buildings and landscape design will derive from the desire to create active, pedestrian and bike friendly transit-oriented design.

We currently envision:
- A mix of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom unit types
- Quality, energy efficient building to the highest degree, and with good light and sound insulation
- Access to outdoor spaces for gardening, socializing, and children’s play.
- Parking off to one side so that children are safe to play in a pedestrian-oriented landscape
- A thriving, diverse community, where residents seek to help and support each other and enrich each other’s lives
- Access to high frequency bus service.
- Provide a replicable model for affordable home ownership

Our vision for the home ownership element is to incorporate as a limited equity housing cooperative, which will be democratically owned by residents. Residents would own the property as a whole and have a vote on management matters, and wouldn't be required to finance the full cost of their unit; rather, they pay a share price up front (similar to a low down payment) then a monthly cost similar to rent or mortgage payments, but more stable than rent over time. Residents can move to larger or smaller units as they come available, and earn appreciation on their share price.

Thank you for being willing to lend your voice to this exciting opportunity!
Liz Trice, Brian Eng, and Matt Peters
Maine Cooperative Development Partners
Contact liztrice@gmail.com for more information.
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