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We have so many options! Browse through and select the workshop(s) you like! Workshop fees are BD8 per child.
Within 24 hours of receiving this sign-up sheet, we will be emailing you all the relevant info to finalize your child's registration.
Play Dough & Colors (for ages 4 to 6)
Arcade Multi-Player Game (for ages 8 to 10)
Spreadsheets 101 (for ages 8 to 10)
Make Your Own Comic (for ages 8 to 12)
Origami (for ages 8 to 10)
Collage Art (for ages 8 to 10)
Email Etiquette (for ages 8 to 12)
How to Make a Killer Presentation (8 to 10)
Basic Photo Editing (8 to 12)
The Art of Debate (for ages 11 to 13)
Build a Game - Level 1 (for ages 8 to 10)
Mind-Mapping (for ages 8 to 10)
Build a Game - Level 2 (for ages 8 to 10)
Digital Safety (for ages 8 to 10)
Cool Science (for ages 4 to 6)
Money Smart (for ages 13 to 15)
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