Student Survey
This is your turn to tell me what you think. Feel free to skip questions you don't want to answer. Thank you!
Check what each statement means to you. Engagement means totally involved in the task. Entertainment means being provided with amusement or enjoyment.
This is hard to do, but I like it.
I can't put the book down! What will happen next.
It's hard to stop writing when the bell rings for recess,.
Playing the guitar.
Reading a book.
Read Aloud
Which genres do you like to read?
What kind of reading instruction/classwork helped you grow as a reader?
Do you prefer
How will you find books to read over the summer?
Are you planning to read with a friend this summer?
I am reading several books with friends over the summer. What book would you like your classmates to read over the summer?
Do you like writing more or less than you did last year? Why or Why not?
Which genres do you prefer to write?
Do you want write over the summer? If so how will you do it?
Do you want the blog to remain available during the summer?
What helped you in math this year?
How do you like doing math?
What do you wish we did in class this year?
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