Enter to Win Sketch Wallet Stuff!
1. Post something about our Kickstarter (http://kck.st/2TnPVjk) on any social media.
2. Copy the link to your post. (See instructions below if you don't know how)
3. Fill out this simple form. BAM! All done. Stand by for daily prizes.

• Anyone can enter, you don't need to be a backer of our Kickstarter. Our goal is to spread the word.
• Enter as much as you like, it just needs to be a new social media post each time.
• Post whatever you want (images below are just suggestions) but it should include a link to http://kck.st/2TnPVjk or www.sketchwallet.com
• Contest ends April 3rd 6pm PDT

Extras: Need something to post? Click here for our shareable images and text. https://www.sketchwallet.com/pages/copy-link-instructions
You can also get instructions on how to copy a link to your social post.
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