Gorge Pedal Ride
Thanks for being part of the first Gorge Pedal. It was wonderful to see so many smiles in our incredible Columbia River Gorge. I hope seeing it from a bicycle seat was even better for your experience.

We would appreciate a few minutes of your time to tell us about your experience of the ride. Thank you.

~AJ Zelada & Team
How satisfied were you with the event?
Not very
Very much
How did you hear about Gorge Pedal?
Did you attend the Celebration?
If you attended the Celebration, click what you did.
How satisfied were you with the logistics?
Dissatisfied to Satisfied
Communication prior to ride
Check In Procedure
Car Parking
Food at rest stops
I felt safe on the Trail
I felt safe on the Highway
Clarity of ride signage
Did you have any safety concerns?
Did you visit any Cascade Locks businesses? If yes, which ones?
What was the your favorite part of this event?
e.g. ride, food stops, historical stops, vistas, trail quality
What was the your least favorite part of this event?
Did you use Ride with GPS?
What could we do better next year?
If you wish a longer personal response, send us an email: info@gorgepedal.com
Thank you for your time to help us make the Gorge Pedal Ride better.
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