Retro Tech: Preserve Your Memories
Do you have an old shoe box of photos in your closet that you would like to preserve? Can we help you digitize that family movie? The Los Gatos Library received a Pacific Library Partnership grant to help you preserve your memories. Please fill out this form and we will contact you within 72 hours to confirm your appointment time and date.

Our current appointment times will be held during these hours:

Thursdays from 11 am - 1 pm

We will contact you to confirm an appointment during these hours only.

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Can you give us a description of the types of items you need to preserve? Please include quantities as well as how long footage may be on your tapes. *
Example: I have 200 photographs that I need to digitize. I also have 2 VHS Tapes (about 1 hour of footage) that I would like to digitize.
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Where will you save your digital files? *
I understand that I will not be able to digitize a large amount of items, as I will need to share the equipment with others. I can schedule another appointment to come back. *
I understand that I cannot leave my items at the library to be digitized by the staff/volunteers. I will be present while my items are being digitized, and I will take all my items with me when I leave. *
I understand that I need to bring my items in an organized fashion. Photos need to have been sorted through, VHS tapes and other items need to be clean and dusted. The staff will not help you with organizing, sorting, or cleaning. *
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