Phlebotomy Quiz Friday - Part 2
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Which is a key principle of informed consent? *
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Match the label with the correct artery. *
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Femoral Artery
Carotid Artery
Radial Artery
Brachial Artery
Blood cultures are used to detect the presence of __________ or _________in the blood to identify the microorganisms present and to guide treatment. *
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What is Finger-prick? *
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Dorsal metacarpal veins are the three veins that are located…
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Clear selection
Which practice is known to increase the risk of needle-stick injury and transmission of disease? *
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In general, it is recommended that a patient has nothing to eat or drink, except water, for at least 8 hours (generally 8-10 hours fast) before having a _____________ test performed. *
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