Workshop, Speak-out Station & Publishing Agreement 2020-2021
VOX ATL partners with schools and Atlanta-area nonprofits serving teens to project teens' voices, and we're thrilled to partner with you!

Organizations can sign up as a:
* publishing partner — partners ask VOX to publish their students'/teens'' original content), and/or
* workshop partner — partners request a VOX Workshop or Speak-out Station to help teens create content for publication.

By signing this form, partners agree that VOX ATL has permission to publish the work that results from our engagement together in any of our digital and print platforms, including social media.

VOX offers 1- to 2-hour youth voice workshops for $500* to engage teenagers (ages 13-19 years old) in self-expression and skill development. All workshops are peer-facilitated and adult supported, and currently held via Zoom.

* Exceptions to the workshop fee are made for VOX ATL's grant-funded programs. Please work with on our fee-for-service schedule.

Workshop & Speak-out station partners agree:
- VOX will produce and publish content that results from these activities, with permission granted through this agreement.
- Maximum 35 teens per workshop (unless otherwise arranged in writing); minimum 8 teens per workshop.
- An adult staff member or other designee from the school/organization receiving the workshop must be present at all times and participate in the youth-led activities.
- VOX will provide evaluation survey, and partner organization agrees to complete the survey and ask teen participants to do so/agrees to help VOX secure the demographic data needed of participants to comply with funding reports.
- VOX Teen Communications (VOX ATL) has permission and authority to publish in print and on VOX's digital platforms any material (writing, art, video, audio) created by workshop participants, as well as images, audio and video of the participants in the workshop (unless otherwise specified for privacy purposes in writing).
- Sometimes VOX's publishing partners reprint content from (e.g. Partners must provide written notice if they do not want VOX to grant permission for such re-publishing.
- Partners will provide 48-hours notice of cancellation or rescheduling, except in case of an emergency. In case of emergency, please contact or 404-614-0040 as soon as possible.

Please complete the following form to collaborate with VOX in a community workshop and/or publishing partnership to project the voices of Atlanta-area teenagers.
Email *
Organization or School Name *
Contact Name *
first name, last name
Title at Organization *
I am requesting:
VOX's Workshops and Speak-out Stations for community partners are available at times noted on our website at
Name of the Class or Program for which you're requesting the partnership *
(e.g. If Latin American Association is the Organization name, Chamblee Afterschool Program may be the program name. OR if Westlake High School is the school name, Journalism Class might be the Name of the Class or Program. IF the program name is the same as the organization's name, just repeat it here. Thank you.)
Virtual v. In-person options: I am requesting: *
For In-person programming AFTER September 1, 2020, please provide the LOCATION including street address where the requested event will take place:
If you wish to bring your group to VOX's office in downtown Atlanta, you can indicate that here as well.
City, State, Postal Code of the requesting organization *
County (where your organization is located) *
Your Phone Number (mobile) *
Your Phone number (work) - if not applicable during covid-19 shutdowns, please put N/A *
Workshop Partners: Number of teens to attend *
(For workshops: recommended minimum is 10 participants; maximum 35 per workshop. For Speak-out Stations at events, please share the expected number of participants at the event. Please type N/A if you're requesting publishing agreement only.)
Workshop Partners: Requested workshop date/timeframe *
(Workshop partners only: VOX ATL workshops are available M-F between 11 am and 5 pm during the summer for grant-funded workshops. Fee-for-service workshops will be scheduled on a case-by-case basis. Below, please specify preferred days of the week and times of day, or specific dates if known, or month requested. N/A if you're not requesting a workshop.)
What do you hope to achieve by partnering with VOX ATL? Please share two objectives or goals for your workshop or content sharing. *
Additional Insights for VOX
If there is anything that would be helpful for us to know about the population you serve in order to engage your students effectively please share it here (e.g. English language proficiency, participants' physical mobility or learning styles). AND please tell us about the location you're offering for the visit: Is there wifi? what's the setting (e.g. classroom? lounge? AV?)? Thanks!
Signature of Partner Representative *
Typing my name on this request is a signature signifying my agreement to the requirements and agreements outlined above.
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