Application Form for a Membership & Finances Department Member 2017
Dear Alumni of EYP Switzerland,

We are happy to launch the autumn call for Department Members for Membership & Finances.

A department member is selected for a one-year term - some positions are re-elected in spring, some in autumn.
Working as a department member would be the ideal preparation for someone wishing to take over the Membership & Finance position in April 2018.

It is important to notice that upon selection, the new member is immediately introduced into the workflow of the portfolio and is also right away given a set of tasks by the Board Member on Membership & Finances, as well as the Auditors to help EYP Switzerland finish its bookkeeping for 2017. As of 2018, the new department member will be able to further immerse himself/herself in the workings of the portfolio and then ideally run for the board position in April 2018 to continue fostering his/her knowledge and expertise for this portfolio

Your tasks amongst others will be to assist the closing of the accounting 2017 and in other administrative and book-keeping matters, such as administrating membership fees, follow-up works on paymennts onto the NC accounts etc.
You will be closely working together with the current Board Member of Membership & Finances, Andong Hu, as well as establish a close working collaboration with the Auditors of EYP Switzerland, Lukas Bock and Felix Kurer.

As large parts of our old accounting were conducted in German, it would be very helpful if the new Department Member is capable of understanding German or at least willing to familiarize himself/herself with this terminology.

To apply for this position, complete this application form until Sunday, 3 December 2017, 15:00 (!) CET. We are looking forward to receiving your applications!

On behalf of the Board and Auditors of EYP Switzerland:

Anna, Manon, Andong, Eléonore, Lars, Nisso, Patricia and Yannick
Felix and Lukas

The application process
The application consists of two steps:

Step 1: Here comes the application part: We will ask you to briefly mention
- your motivation on why you would like to take over this position
- how your skills and knowledge would contribute to the development of the department?
- about your academic and/or professional plans in the next 2-3 years

Step 2: We will ask you to provide us with some basic information about yourself - contact data, but also your session history and experience within EYP Switzerland

And you're done! If you have this information ready, you may proceed with the application.

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