Virtual College Tour - WVU
Complete this assignment by August 15 as part of the UB Summer Program 2020
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Go on a virtual tour of West Virginia University. Start at Click on Virtual Resources and then Future Student Resources. From here you can decide to do your own virtual tour or you can sign up for a live guided virtual tour (click upcoming virtual events). It's up to you!
If your electronic device doesn't work well for the virtual tours, use the WVU website to answer the following questions.
Which tour did you decide to do? *
What year was WVU established? *
Approximately how many majors does WVU offer? *
What is in the Mountainlair? *
What is considered the "Academic Heart of Campus?" What resources does it offer? *
What office is housed in Elizabeth Moore Hall? *
Name some fun facts about Woodburn Circle. *
What major are you currently interested in? What building houses that major at WVU? Do a virtual tour of that building and write about what you learn. *
What can you find in the Recreation Center? Does this look like a building you would use? *
What can be found in Evansdale Crossing? *
Check out any other spots on campus you would like. You can also do the virtual housing tour by clicking back on your browser. Write about something you learned or talk about which residence hall you would most like to live in. *
Seniors - you can go ahead and apply to WVU this month if it is one of your top colleges. Do NOT pay to apply. Contact your UB advisor for a fee waiver code. Are you going to apply to WVU? *
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