CS 451 Quiz 8
Neural Nets 1
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Neural Networks are among the best machine learning techniques today. When were they first popular? *
What function does the following neuron compute? *
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One can build a reliable car detector for 100x100 gray-scale images by using logistic regression, where the input features are simply the 10,000 pixel values of the input image *
The Boolean AND function can be computed by a single neuron. *
A "neuron" (aka node) in a neural network is *
Consider a multi-layer neural net, in which two successive layers each have 10 nodes. The parameters (weights) controlling the function mapping between these two layers are stored in a *
A single node in a neural network computes the exact same function as logistic regression *
The fact that the animal (and human) brains can be rewired so that, say, the auditory cortex learns to see, is evidence for *
In a vectorized implementation of neural nets, the computation done by each layer involves a matrix multiplication, followed applying the logistic function g() to a vector *
Multi-layer neural nets are an attractive alternative to logistic regression with lots of polynomial features. *
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