3Cs 2021 Tokyo: Registration for live streaming ライブ配信視聴申込
After registration, the live streaming URLs for the following programs will be informed.
Please check the details of the whole event and each programs ↓    

Time is shown based on JST. Items with "+AT" include artist talk in addition to the program.

13:00-15:00 ようこそ|Welcome +AT
16:00-17:30 名取川(東京ver.)|Natorigawa (Tokyo version)+AT
18:30-20:00 プレッシャー?| Load? +AT

13:00-14:00 ようこそ|Welcome
15:00-15:30 名取川(東京ver.)|Natorigawa (Tokyo version)
16:30-18:00 瞬間的なイメージ、瞬間的なサウンド|Instant Images, Instant Sounds +AT
18:30-20:30 ポスト・ディスカッション|Post discussion

13:00-13:30 プレッシャー?| Load?
14:30-16:30 ジョシュ運動 -世代を超えた女性たちの共鳴|The Nyu Shu Movement −  Female Resonance Across Generations +AT
18:30-20:30 嵐の丘に集まって|Gathering on the Stormy Hill +AT

13:00-13:30 瞬間的なイメージ、瞬間的なサウンド|Instant Images, Instant Sounds
14:30-15:30 ジョシュ運動 -世代を超えた女性たちの共鳴 |The Nyu Shu Movement −  Female Resonance Across Generations
16:00-18:00 ポスト・パフォーマンス・ディスカッション|Post Performance Discussion

Language:  Japanese and English


*For those who would not have the chance to see the event on time, the replay will be available via the URL informed by us.

お問い合わせ Contact: info@karakoa.org

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