ALTTPR Challenge Cup 2019: Registration Form
Please complete this form so we can associate your SRL and Discord names in order to automate sending seeds via a bot. You only need to fill this form our once and you are NOT required to register for individual races. If you change either of your names please resubmit the form and alert one of the tournament admins.

Please ensure this information is accurate!

If you have not already please join the discord server at
Discord Name *
ENSURE THIS IS ACCURATE. The discord name is CASE SENSITIVE, and we'll need the discriminator as well. Do not put a space between the name and the # sign (it should look like yourname#1234)
SRL Name *
ENSURE THIS IS ACCURATE. This is your nickname on SpeedRunsLive that you will be racing under.
Twitch Name *
This should be your twitch username in the URL, (example:"yourname")
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