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Want a Buy Nothing group in your own neighborhood? We’d love to show you how to set up a group for your community! To become part of our extended Buy Nothing Project network, we ask that you fill out the questions below and take our online admin training course. Our name, documents, artwork and photography are copyrighted but we offer it for use in groups under a Creative Commons License ( . We connect with all local admins, and would like you to be part of our collaborative team!

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Please choose one item from the list below to help us assign your request to a Development Team Member for your area. Most Regions are listed by Country, with some additional sub-regions listed. Some US States are grouped together into geographic regions. Please look carefully at the list below.
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NOTE: This must be the place where you live. Every Buy Nothing Project Admin lives in the hyper-local area where their group is located. This might be your city or town, or it might be your local neighborhood or subdivision within a city or town. Don't worry if nobody outside your community will recognize the name, please be as specific as possible.
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You will need a Facebook account in order to participate in the Buy Nothing Project. Please choose only "Yes" or "No"; You may provide your Facebook name under "Other" or your email address if that is your preferred method until you've set up your Facebook account. Note - your account will need to be set up in order to join the training session listed in the last question of this form.
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You can open your own facebook profile and copy the link in the address bar if you're on a computer. If on mobile, you can open your facebook profile, click more, and click "copy link to profile". Then, paste the link here. A Development Team Member may reach out to you using Facebook messenger. This information will help us find you! Please be sure to check your Message Requests folder to access our response to you. If you're on a laptop, that folder can be found here:
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Before submitting this form, we want you to know that when you hit submit you'll get a confirmation message for the current training group. It will be open from October 1 - November 1, 2020. Please click on that group link for the training and click on the join group button. Your request to join will be approved on the start date. *
This is a Training group for all Local Group Admins joining the Buy Nothing Project from 1 October through 1 November, 2020. There will be 9 training modules shared here by volunteers from the Buy Nothing Project. Training modules and activities can be completed as you have time.Expect to spend 20 - 50 minutes doing the reading and activities if desired for each unit. When the training period is over, the Buy Nothing Project will turn management of this group over to the members. This group can then continue on as an independent, member-led support group.
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