ICON Vote Monitor - Bug Bounty Program
Everstake announcing the start of the Bug Bounty Program for the ICON community!

Check our tool - https://iconvotemonitor.com

If you find any mistakes or bugs - please let us know via this form, we will check it and send you a reward.

10 ICX for one bug!

Look at our policies:
1. The only desktop version of iconvotemonitor.com need to be tested (1280px extension and more) Testing tablet and mobile versions are not required, they are still under development.
2. Add your contacts (Telegram id and ICX address) This is required to contact and send rewards.
3. If two people find the same bug - the one who reported first - will be rewarded
4. Ideas and suggestions can be added to improve the ICON Vote Monitor - the best ideas will also be rewarded.
5. One user can find and report for unlimited numbers of bugs.

Contact us on Telegram for any questions: https://t.me/everstake_chat
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