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The Pluralism Network invites journalists into conversations and collaborations addressing how journalism can reach and be trusted by a more diverse audience with fact-based, responsible journalism. Our goal is to strengthen trust across the political spectrum by helping journalists bridge divides, foster productive conversations and fuel open-mindedness. Read more about our A Road to Pluralism initiative here:

We welcome interest from any journalist or related practitioner who is curious about this topic, invested in finding solutions and willing to contribute to the collective efforts. We are building a space not just for learning but for engaging and taking action. To be blunt: If you want to hear about what we’re doing, subscribe to our newsletter. If you want to participate in what we’re doing, apply to join the Pluralism Network.

The Pluralism Network is hosted in the Trusting News Slack workspace. On Slack, members will:
* Learn insights from research related to how political views influence news perceptions and consumptions
* Hear from journalists who’ve been reaching out to people with low trust
* Share with each other what you’re trying, and see examples of innovative work
* Connect around shared challenges and frustrations
* Contribute to collaborative experiments by adding trust elements to your news content in order to help the network identify solutions
* Help identify opportunities for related research projects
* Be willing to individually hear from and check in with the Trusting News team periodically

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Following are some initial themes we're eager to drill down on. Please indicate your level of interest in conversations + strategy work for each one. (See the link at the top of the form for more detail about each.)
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The value and challenges of local and national news
Generalizations and polarization
Perceptions of stories' fairness
Bias in the newsroom
Outreach and listening
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If you're in a newsroom, is actively earning trust a goal that others in your newsroom share, or is it an undertaking you’d need to do largely on your own? What is your sense of the willingness of your colleagues and leadership team to engage in strategies developed as part of the Pluralism Network?
If you're not in a newsroom, describe how our efforts are relevant to your work and what specifically you would like to contribute.
We are seeking participants who are willing to contribute to our collective efforts. Which of these best describes the bandwidth you expect to be able to contribute? *
Have you participated in Trusting News trainings, workshops or coaching previously? If so, tell us about that. *
For people who are new to Trusting News, we are going to provide links to training materials that will get you familiar with some basics of our approach. Total time: 1-2 hours. If accepted to the Pluralism Network, could you commit that time? *
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