Survey on CTI Networking (2021)
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Security teams cannot sustainably operate in an intelligence silo. There's continuous discourse around how cyber threat intelligence (CTI) collaboration is key to proactive defense, collective resilience, coordinated response, and effective remediation.

Yet, the enormity of it all can feel insurmountable to CTI professionals deciding how to effectively network *today*. So what are they doing, and what works?

We're asking you to find out.
This survey should be taken by professionals that work in or with CTI.

"CTI Networking" is defined as the interaction of individuals for the purpose of CTI-related work. This definition *excludes* personal networking purposes purely for career development (e.g. get a new job, close a customer deal).

Survey responses will be anonymized and analyzed to inform not-for-profit research on current CTI networking and sharing behaviors. You will be given the opportunity to provide contact information at the end, and this information will not be used for any other purpose or shared with anyone else.
It is strongly recommended to use a computer while completing this survey.

There are 6 sections with multiple choice questions and short answers. The survey will take ~15 minutes to complete.

Hit "Next" to begin and make sure to hit "Submit" to record your responses.

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