Your Student Journey (High School)
Hello! I'm doing some research on the high school student's journey to college/university/workforce and would love to hear some feedback about what confuses, excites and/or stress you out about the future.

This is a continuation of our study from last semester ( Based on the previous feedback we received we will be going forward and creating an interactive website experience for high school students to assist in helping them become more prepared for their futures — whether it be going on to university, college, skilled trades, etc.

We want to hear some of your student journey experiences, thoughts and questions you might have about the future. This project will be presented to the Government of Canada's Innovation Hub and we're trying to capture as many real student perspectives as we can that might be featured (first name only) on our future website reveal.

What confuses you about the future? *
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What excites you about the future? *
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What stresses you out about the future? *
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What questions do you have about the future? *
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What are some of your plans for the future? *
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Are you comfortable sharing your name and information publicly on our future website reveal? *
We will only disclose your first name and will not manipulate your answers in any way
If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, tell us your name and a brief explanation of your student background. If 'No' answer N/A. *
Ex. Hi I'm Mylene, I'm a grade 12 student at Holy Names High School and I am deciding between Western University and the University of Waterloo
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
To keep updated with this project check this link for future progress:
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