Food Allergy Survey
This survey is to obtain information about expats, tourists, and foodies who have traveled and or lived in countries in Asia with food allergies.
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#1. What is your age?
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#2. What was the main purpose in taking this trip?
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#3. Do you have food allergies?
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#4. What is your primary food allergies?
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If you selected "None Of The Above" please fill in the allergy information below.
#5. Do you have more than one food allergy?
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#6. If yes, check all that apply.
#7. Have you traveled abroad with food allergies?
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#8. If yes, have you used a "chef card" before?
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#9. Did you experience any issues traveling abroad with your food allergy/allergies??
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If yes, please describe what happened?
#10. What measures do you take to ensure that you don't ingest any allergens while traveling and eating abroad?
#11. Would you be interested in testing out a beta version of a new food allergy mobile app?
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#12. If so, please leave your best contact email address below.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your consideration and insights are greatly appreciated.
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