Client Questionnaire
We're so excited to start matching you with your dream vacation! We need to get to know you a little so we can tailor an experience uniquely for YOU!
Who's going? Please give us names and birth dates of all travelers.
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Email and phone number please!
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How would you like us to contact you?
Is there anyone else involved in the decision making that we should include with information?
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What's the occasion?
Are you looking to recreate an experience or make a new one?
What was the best part about your last vacation?
Your answer
What would you like to have been able to change about your last vacation? What didn't work?
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What are you looking for?
Do you know where you want to go?
Your answer
What are the main goals of your trip? (check all that apply)
How do you feel about packing and unpacking multiple times?
How would you like to get around in your destination?
What interests you most? (check all that sound amazing)
What are you interested in doing with your time?
Do you prefer a swim-able beach or a luxurious pool?
Are you a diver?
Do you like to upload photos or posts to social media daily?
Are you interested in being pampered?
What's your style when going out?
What makes your mouth water?
Where do you like to eat?
What's your favorite local restaurant? (We'll google it if we don't know it!)
Your answer
What are your drink preferences?
How much do you like to drink?
Have you stayed at an All-Inclusive resort before?
When staying at a resort, where do you like to hang out?
How much time do you like to take over a meal?
Would you like the option to prepare some of your own food?
Do you use the gym when you travel?
If you have an extra $500 to splurge with - what will you likely do with it?
Are you traveling with children? (<18)
How old are the children traveling with you?
Your answer
Who do you want to be around?
How do you feel about crowds?
Does everyone in the group have a passport?
Please supply your passport information: number, date of issue, and place of issue
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Who's in the group?
How much time do you want to spend together?
How many people per room? Want to spread out or get cozy?
Are you early risers?
Dates of travel
Your answer
Are your dates flexible?
What is your preferred departure time? (Check all that work for you)
When would you like to arrive?
Are non-stop flights a must?
Do you have a preferred carrier?
What is your preferred transfer type?
Are you hurrying home for anything at the end of your trip?
Any special needs we should know about? Allergies, dietary restrictions, physical difficulties, air or seasick...can't be trusted to remember the sunscreen?
Your answer
Does anything about this trip make you nervous?
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Do you have rewards with any hotel chains?
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How do you want to feel when you arrive home?
Are you ready to book as soon as you find something you like?
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Any questions for us?
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