Petition to Require Changes in Policies and Procedures that Encourage and Reward Transient Homeless Encampments in Athens-Clarke County
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On August 3rd, the Mayor and Commission vote on an Athens location for a Sanctioned Homeless Encampment in Athens-Clarke County. The recommendations surrounding this decision make it clear that this encampment is not a one and only. There has not been transparency regarding the multiple and complicated issues that threaten the health and safety of our town, and it is negligent of elected officials to fail to make the laundry list of these hazardous issues public in a transparent manner.

Falling on hard times can happen to anyone. We support second chances and assistance when hardworking Athens residents, who through no fault of their own, find themselves without a job or without funds to weather an immediate crisis. There are legitimate and reasonable situations where being without adequate shelter is an opportunity for the community to enthusiastically support next steps to get work and/or assistance for an individual or family to regain stability.

The crisis in Athens-Clarke is not the scenario above. The crisis has to do with transient people who prefer a nomadic lifestyle rather than the confines of a traditional brick and mortar dwelling that comes with restrictions and responsibilities. When Athens becomes a haven of easily accessible and plentiful carte blanche resources without accountability, it presents an unsustainable number of problems. When systemic homelessness presumes upon a compassionate society showing contempt for following rules and regulations that require accountability, changes have to be made. When other neighboring cities are transporting homeless people to Athens, rather than deal with the social ills of chronic homelessness, we have a systemic problem. This petition addresses the crisis that "compassion without accountability" has created in Athens-Clarke County and cities like Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. We need concerned and caring citizens of Athens to sign this petition to make it clear that A-CC deserves transparent and trustworthy answers before the Mayor and Commissioners vote on August 3rd (unless they change the date). Please share this petition with others in and around the Athens area who may not be aware of what is not being reported.

NOTE: For additional information, take a look at the document composed by city government called "Sanctioned Homeless Encampment Initial Recommendations" ( This A-CC government document is being finalized to be voted on by the Mayor and Commission on August 3rd.

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